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Are you a small business starting up or are you in the process of growing your business? We want to walk the journey with you from when you open your doors to being a fully operational business. Our goal is to support you in this process, or alternatively, to support the ecosystems, incubators and accelerators who want to support their cohorts with accessible legal resources.

We can’t wait to share our new platform with you but, while we’re putting the final touches on it, you can sign up for discounts when we release our range of solutions.
Included within the Startup and SME Package.
Corporate Governance Compliance
Director relationship documentation
Product Development documentation
License Agreements
COVID19 Management
Capital Raise Documentation
Employee Discipline Management
Website Data and Security Management
Policy access and management
Small Business LegalFlows
Employee Grievance & Discipline Management
Advanced Corporate Governance
Advanced Business LegalFlows
Included within the Ecosystem Supplementor Solution.
All of the documents and legal processes within the SME offering
User friendly dashboard to track all of your SMEs’ access
A centralised repository for their corporate governance, relationships, and supplier and employee management
Monthly legal and regulatory audits and assessments to flag SMEs in need of support
Access to regulatory walkthroughs (CIPC business registration, UIF management etc.)
Administration, reporting and monitoring of SMEs

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Start, raise and grow faster with Lacoona. Offering straightforward legal, regulatory and business support for startups and SMEs for founders and business owners who understand the benefit to a strong foundation. Sign up for early access to all the documents, processes and advice for all your SME Legal needs. Sorted.
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We support ecosystems, incubators and accelerators by giving them the tools to support and monitor those under their wings. All of the legal and regulatory needs they require and delivered through a visual dashboard with ongoing assessment and management. Sign up for more information and early release specials!
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