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Lacoona is a user-friendly and affordable solution where your entire team can create contracts and solve your business legal challenges. Lacoona also provides a host of functional legal process walk-throughs, proactive health-checks, as well as access to lawyers and investors.
Everything you need to drive your business forward, available whenever and wherever you need it.

Needs analysis & simple, step-by-step guidance to legal and regulatory matters.

A single portal allowing regulatory management, corporate governance management, employee management and supplier documentation all delivered through simple language choice and step-by-step walk-throughs. Jinx, our resident bot-personality, will guide you through these and many more functional business processes.
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Automated document drafting with customisation and ongoing management.

Create bespoke agreements in minutes by answering simple questions online. Lacoona provides digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process. Send for e-signing immediately and keep track of important dates. All of our templates are developed by experienced lawyers and are continually updated. With Lacoona, you can feel confident that you have the right agreement in place.
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Raise capital and find professional legal support.

The easiest way to find support and manage your business legalities; compliance, operations, capital-raising and more. With all the help and support you need from a network of specialised legal experts every step of the way. Keep track of all your agreements and documents by collecting them on our secure platform and controlling and limiting access with ease.
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