Applying disciplinary procedures (Includes termination of contracts)

As an employer, you will often have to deal with cases involving an employee’s misconduct or potential incapacity. This LegalFlow will guide you through the process of dealing with misconduct that is both ‘less serious' and 'more serious' in the workplace, describing when you will need to hold a disciplinary inquiry and what solutions will be available for your business.


Grievance Procedures in the workplace

A grievance is any complaint that an employee might have as a result of a workplace issue. Employers should have a grievance procedure in place to deal with any grievances raised by employees. This LegalFlow guides you as an employee through a grievance procedure, helping you to understand what you need to do to lodge a grievance and the steps your employer should take to respond to the grievance. If your employer doesn’t have a grievance procedure in place, they can go to the LegalFundi LegalFlow: Putting grievance procedures in place.

Understanding misconduct and incapacity

It is important that business owners and managers have a clear understanding of the difference between misconduct and incapacity and how to respond to these situations in the workplace. This LegalFlow describes the different types of disciplinary actions, the evidence you need to prove misconduct or incapacity, and what procedures to follow.