Applying disciplinary procedures (Includes termination of contracts)

Applying disciplinary procedures (Includes termination of contracts)


As an employer, you will often have to deal with cases involving an employee’s misconduct or potential incapacity. This LegalFlow will guide you through the process of dealing with misconduct that is both ‘less serious' and 'more serious' in the workplace, describing when you will need to hold a disciplinary inquiry and what solutions will be available for your business.


Topics for this Flow

8 Steps


Jinx on Disciplinary procedures in the workplace
Notification to Attend a Disciplinary Inquiry Doc
Checklist_Informal disciplinary inquiry
Guidelines for a Chairperson of a Formal Disciplinary Inquiry.
Checklist: Preparing for a Formal Disciplinary Inquiry
Chairperson's Summary of a Disciplinary Inquiry
Disciplinary Policy and Procedures
Disciplinary Warning Form