Applying incapacity procedures

Applying incapacity procedures


Where an employee’s poor work performance is not their fault, for example, if they are constantly absent due to illness, then incapacity procedures should be used to deal with the employee. The process to follow is different to a disciplinary enquiry for misconduct. This LegalFlow will guide you through formal incapacity procedures ensuring you are following fair procedures.

Topics for this Flow

12 Steps


Jinx walks you through managing an incapacity procedure.
Checklist: Preparation for Incapacity Inquiry
Checklist for 1st Incapacity Counselling Meeting
Notification to appear at an Incapacity Inquiry
Record of 1st Counselling Meeting
Summary of Incapacity Inquiry (Chairperson' s Outcome)
Incapacity 1st Letter
Disciplinary Warning Form
Incapacity Policy and Procedures
Record of 2nd Incapacity Counselling Meeting
Incapacity 2nd Counselling Meeting Summary Letter (if no Improvement)
Letter of Commendation after 2nd Counselling Meeting