Empowerment shouldn't be expensive.
That’s why we aren’t. Empowering solutions for your cohort.

Everything you need to manage your cohort and support them in formalising their businesses and unlocking growth.
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" A seamless platform making running a business...Seamless"

Co-Founder & CTO

Supplemental and affordable tools for your cohorts.

A single portal allowing CIPC business registration, UIF management, B-BBEE management, corporate governance documentation, employee management and documentation, web management, supplier documentation and product legals all delivered through simple language choice and step-by-step walk-throughs of legal processes.
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Step-by-Step guidance
Document automation
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Cohort oversight

Oversight, distribution and communication.

We provide a single portal for both the incubator administrator as well as the business. Administrators have control over access points and can view any company within their cohort having oversight of their system usage and documents if granted permission. Parent incubator partners have the ability to view who needs further support and where resources can be best applied via a visual administrator dashboard.
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Organisation-level reporting

Report generation for external stakeholders.

Lacoona provides tools for business incubators who need to show demonstrable results to funders and external stakeholders. By providing the tools to startups, our framework generates reports on their progress into the formalised economy where they can thrive. Over and above the administration and communication functions, report access and generation is available aligned to any parameters.
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Support your next cohort with ease!

Lacoona offers incubator support functionality for parent organisations, ecosystems and accelerators. This allows for the effective distribution, communication and reporting of business-cohort use showing tangible support and impact. All of their legal needs met with reporting to show.

Supporting the supporter

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