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We’ve simplified the steps to sourcing, assessing and investing in startups. A simple process intended for angel investors and investment houses alike.


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By signing up to this resource, you will be given access to our pool of legally sound businesses. Utilising the data surrounding the businesses, we are able, with their permission, to form a ‘legal picture’ of the business with regards to their legal formalities, internal corporate governance and investment readiness. This is used as a metric to match appropriate businesses with potential funders.
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Simplified technology ensures smooth communication

Our process makes the investment process simple. Pair this with an advanced understanding of the businesses using our service and we think that we have a match made in heaven. Our tooling will allow you refined searchability as well as an opportunity to connect you with filter-appropriate businesses. Allowing you the ability to request access and facilitating the steps into engagement, exploration and investment execution.
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From businesses seeking investment through to capital holders and accelerators, we provide access for all. Businesses and accelerators can showcase their companies or cohorts are matched with appropriate angel and institutional investors who are provided businesses for exploring and executing on. From novice to experienced investor, our process simplifies it all for you.
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