A modernised approach to your lead sourcing

A streamlined and facilitated marketplace for legal practitioners and business experts to source and provide services to growing businesses.
Market Access

Get seen and hired faster through our exclusive marketplace.

Legal practitioners and business development specialists to choose which clients and projects they’re interested in, and clients select and hire a professional from the limited number of proposals they receive. All for a single monthly subscription.
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Case Management

Securing a technology-driven and recurring client base to grow your practice.

We offer an ever-increasing array of opportunities and technology-driven tools to support and facilitate the interaction between businesses and service providers. Whether this is through sourcing leads via our automated matching system, setting up retainers or requiring a bot to capture leads on your own website, we have you covered.
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Tools to streamline your practice and save you time.

Legal practitioners and business consultants are increasingly moving online. Lacoona’s technology allows lawyers and clients to quickly connect, seamlessly collaborate on documents and securely transact business relationships. Additionally, we have developed an on-website plugin which you can build into your website as a means for direct client information capturing.
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Document Development
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Become part of our Legal Practitioner network

Following your having declared interest, clients select and hire a legal consultant from the limited number of proposals they receive based on our matching technology. From here, the relationship is yours to manage as you see fit.

Don’t worry, giving us your details here only registers interest. We will send you more information for you, and your practice, to make a better decision about joining our limited network. No spam, we promise!
Counciler Journey

Lacoona has helped me increase my client base with minimum effort on my side. The clients usually know exactly what they need from me because of the assistance they already get from the platform

Counciler Journey

Joining as a consultant has been the easiest way for me to get clients in a long time!


Evolve with technology

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