Manage your company legalities easily & online

We know that starting and running a business takes a huge amount of effort. By simplifying and automating business formation and everyday legal work, we help small businesses start and thrive.

Supporting the legal structures of your business.

Lacoona offers founders and business owners affordable, convenient and ‘legalese-simple’ access to legal regulations, business documentation and ongoing compliance. Supporting a strong set-up, operations and corporate governance foundation which unlocks opportunities including accessing bank loans, raising capital and efficient supplier and provider management.
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Ensure you are compliant with government and industry laws and regulations
Corporate governance
Put the correct rules, practices and processes in place to direct and manage your business
Manage your employee relations efficiently to build a happy and productive workplace
Keep track and build strong business relationships with your suppliers
Product development
Manage your risk by registering and protecting your physical or software solution
Capital raising
Raise additional funds with investors to grow your business with our step-by-step guidance

Find business support and legal counsel.

While our intention is to support you however we can, sometimes a warm body is good for some human-centered counselling for more intricate scenarios or just for a bit of reassurance. We have sourced a network of legal experts and business coaches who are here to support you on your journey. Giving your business the best possible opportunity for success by understanding your needs and sourcing an appropriate professional. No hidden running costs or fees 🙂
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Legal support
Access legal support to help you finalise your business structure, contracts, licenses and human resources
Startup consulting
Source and use an aligned business and legal coach to mentor you as your business grows
Business operations
Lacoona guided tools, processes and support from coaches to help you manage your business
Growth & scaling
Find out how to grow and scale your business with professional support and mentorship

Get investment-ready and unlock opportunities.

Our network of legal and funding experts have helped entrepreneurs raise money and grow their businesses. We facilitate the investment process from document creation, corporate governance assurance and cap table management. With your permission and should your business so choose, we will allow investors to demonstrate interest in your business and request access to components in your staggered data room. This can also contribute towards grant reporting and investor communication. Full control, no frills.
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Find an investor
Let us help you find an investor to match and grow your business dream
Build your dataroom
Your automatically populated business documents and health checks distributed according to your needs

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Founder Journey

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We’ve tried to be as affordable as possible

Lacoona’s aim is to provide support to businesses. We know how costly it can be to get legal support as a startup or as an up and running business. We are doing everything within our power to bring our pricing down for the benefit of our clients and supporters, making our legalflows and documents as cost-effective as possible whilst ensuring that you have more affordable and transparent access to legal advisors.
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for small business

Industry value of over R 20 000+ at just Free /month+VAT

We got you covered!

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