Despite some poor statistics on the extent of female unemployment and the under-representation of women in senior and top management […]


It’s Women’s Month. The month that we honour the thousands of women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 […]

Changing an Employment Contract: Employer’s Right or Breach of an Employment Contract?

With the current state of our economy and the financial aftershocks of Covid19, have you thought of making a few […]

What does the law says about flexible and remote working for employers.

Although the new hybrid working trend of working partly at office, partly at home has had positive effects on business […]

What the laws says about running your business from home.

Although running a business from home seems logical and rightfully available to all property owners, Home-based businesses must consider and […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The notion of a corporate workplace has altered dramatically in recent years and currently there are more women to be […]

Employee Share Ownership Plans: Introductory ‘Why’s’ and ‘How’s’

Introduction It’s been called “the Great Resignation” or “the Big Quit.” Over the last year or so, employees all over […]

An overview of valuations and determining the value of your company

Entrepreneurs often inquire about the value of their company and if it is suitable for investment. The answer to the […]

National Minimum Wage: the 2022 update to the earnings threshold.

The earnings threshold is the point at which the Labour Relations Act (LRA), the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), […]

Issuing a company’s first shares

Before issuing the first shares Q1: How do I organise my company’s share capital at incorporation? To set up a […]

Company Secretaries: What you need to know

What is a company secretary and when is it needed? Q1: What is a company secretary? A company secretary is […]

Company Secretary: an Introduction

In the modern era it is recognized that the company secretary is the most senior administrative officer of the company. […]

Choosing and appointing a company’s first directors

Who can be a director Q1: Who can be a director of my company? Anyone, as long as they are […]

Memorandum and articles of incorporation explained

Q.1: What is a memorandum of incorporation? It is a document which you must file when setting up your company, […]

Shareholders’ Agreements: Understanding the application

Introduction A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between your company’s shareholders setting out their rights and responsibilities. This section will […]

Shareholders’ Agreements: Understanding the ‘Why’.

We understand that starting a company is difficult, thrilling, and often costly, so we’ll forgive you if you put legal […]

Introduction to business partnerships

Q1: What is a partnership? A partnership is a description of a business arrangement where two or more people carry […]

How to set up a new company: An introduction

Can I set up a new company myself? Yes. You do so by sending an application to Companies and Intellectual […]

Establishing a business in South Africa

A Lacoona Legal extensive overview: A must read for any business starting out This write up gives an overview of […]

How to validate an idea

Introduction So you’ve got an idea. Congrats! Now what are you going to do about it? Billionaire Mark Cuban popularized […]

Freelancing like a professional

Winning proposals Over the next ten points, you’ll learn how to ensure your freelance projects are successful, profitable, and enjoyable. […]

Introduction to accounting

Intro and Fundamentals This course explains accounting fundamentals such as defining assets, liabilities, and other types of accounts; the profit […]

Business management skills you need: An Introduction

To start, run or expand a successful business, there are core management skills you should have across the areas of […]

30 Business Documents Every Business Needs After Incorporation

Getting all the legal paperwork in place is difficult for businesses. Here we have compiled a list of 30 important […]

How do you claim a dependent’s benefits?

 If the husband or wife of the deceased is making the application they must register at the nearest Labour Office.  […]

How do you claim maternity benefits?

Register at the Labour Office or register and claim online.  If you are too ill to go to the Labour […]

How do you claim illness benefits?

 Register at the nearest Labour Office or register and claim online.  If you are too ill to go to the […]

How do you claim unemployment benefits?

Register at the nearest Labour Office or register and claim online.  Sign the unemployment register and return to sign it […]

How many months can an employee claim UIF?

UIF can be claimed by an employee for up to 12 months, provided that the employee has full credit days. […]

How much will the UIF pay an employee?

UIF benefits are paid to all qualifying employees. The minimum payment is R3,500 per month. The maximum payment is R6,638.40 […]

What benefits does UIF pay?

UIF pays unemployment benefits, illness benefits, maternity benefits, dependent’s benefits and adoption benefits. Unemployment benefits An employee who is a […]

What must the employer do?

Any employer who is registered with SARS for employee’s tax also needs to register with SARS to pay UIF contributions.  […]

What is the UIF threshold?

There is a UIF threshold of R14 872 per month, which allows a maximum contribution of R148.72 per month to […]

Who is a contributor to UIF?

Both employees and employers must contribute to UIF.  An employee who works less than 24 hours a month does NOT […]