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Our team making legal access possible

Behind everything that we do is a dedicated team of legal and technical prowess overseeing our legal and business guidance. Technologists and lawyers, mountain-lovers and bread bakers, we pride our small team on being diverse, talented and, most importantly, passionate about opening up the structures of law. We're always on the look-out for aligned individuals and would love to hear from you if you believe in our vision. 

What we stand for

Affordable legal advice

For the majority of people in South Africa, legal support is too expensive and out of reach. Lacoona provides free and paid access to automated business and legal processes and documents using a web-portal or application. We support small businesses with affordable guides to legal processes, documents and packages and facilitate them finding appropriate legal personnel.

Bringing the law to people

Many people live in areas far removed from legal support. Lacoona brings the law, and her processes, to people via the web that is accessible on a mobile phone while using minimal data. Our automated legal flows provide step by step guides to small business legal processes, and completing and submitting documents whilst having the security of a 'warm body' on demand.

Understandable legalese

Law is often difficult for people to understand. The Lacoona legal flows explain the law in plain, simple language and automate the legal steps making it easy for people to understand what actions to take. Where there are documents to complete, the Lacoona legal flows simplify the process, helping people to complete documents and submit them online.

We Offer

30 years experience in the paralegal sector in South Africa and in Africa focusing on legal education
30 years consulting in the labour law sector
CCMA Part-time Commissioner with 15 years of experience
5 years entrepreneurship experience within social innovation
5 years in applied behavioural economics
30 years human rights and social justice and indigenous knowledge and law
8 years within technical development capacity
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