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Social Justice

Small Business

Emergency Contact 

Gender-Based Violence

National GBV Helpline
- 0800150150 

Gender-based Violence Command Centre
- *134*7355#

This is the 24/7 free call number for the TEARS Foundation
The service identifies the closest centre to you and links victims to facilities that offer inter alia counselling, support groups, medical facilities and emergency shelters.
- 0800428428
- *120*7867#

Drug Line

Narcotics Anonymous
This is the NA national 24 -hour helpline for people who are either addicts or family/friends of addicts and want help.
- 0839006962


Corruption Watch (toll-free from landlines).
- 0800023456

- Report via Whatsapp: 0720135569
- Call-back service: SMS 'Callme" to 44666

Child Line

Child Welfare South Africa
Call this number for issues on child protectioh, childcare, neglect and child abuse.
- 0740803315

Call the Childline toll-free telephone counselling line for advice on child-related matters.
- 0800055555

Fire Brigade

Call this number if you have a fire emergency.


South African Police Services
Call this number for any emergency that requires a police response. The number can be dialed from anywhere in South Africa.
- 10111


Ambulance response
Call this number for a medical emergency and an ambulance.
- 10177

Life Line

Call this number for help with mental health support.
- 0861322322



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