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Legal Health Check
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Legal Flows


Complying with the Employment Equity Act

Managing alcohol abuse at work

Managing drug abuse at work

Understanding misconduct and incapacity

Applying incapacity procedures

Applying disciplinary procedures (Includes termination of contracts)

Holding a disciplinary inquiry

Dealing with sexual harassment at work

Managing desertion

Managing absence without leave

Grievance procedures and dealing with grievances

Dealing with misconduct at work

Managing retrenchment

Completing a contract of employment

Understanding working hours and overtime

Dealing with discrimination or harassment at work

Employing migrant workers - legal requirements

Dealing with representative trade unions and collective bargaining

Setting up

Formalising a business structure

Passing a company board resolution

Starting a business

Registering as an employer (for PAYE, UIF, Compensation Fund)

UIF and the Employer

Legal Health Check

Registering and paying/claiming VAT

Complying with the Employment Equity Act

Applying for a BEE certificate

Types of employment contracts


Dealing with discrimination or harassment at work

Responding to a CCMA claim for unfair dismissal or Unfair labour practice

Passing a company board resolution

Getting a business licence

Registering a trade mark or patent

Registering as an importer and exporter

How to mediate a conflict in the workplace

Dealing with COVID requirements at work


Business formation and Investment

Memorandum of Incorporation

Joint-venture Agreement

Partnership Agreement

Founders Collaboration Agreement: For idea stage startups

Shareholder Agreement: For-Profit (PTY) (Long)

Shareholder Loan Agreement

Shareholders Operating Agreement (Short)

Company Share Sale and Founder Purchase Agreement

Share Certificate

Share Option Agreement

Investment Due Diligence Checklist

SAFE Note Agreement

Convertible Note Agreement

Business management

Board: Notice of meeting

Ordinary Board Resolution

Operational legals

Non-disclosure Agreement (Disclosing_Long)

Non-disclosure Agreement (Mutual_Long)

Non-executive Director Agreement

Power of Attorney (Business)

Proxy Form

General Licensing Agreement

Software development agreement

Pre-release software terms of use

Software licensing agreement

Contract for the Sale of Goods (V: Seller-Friendly)

Sale and Licensing of Products Agreement

End user license agreement

Indemnity Agreement

Distribution Agreement

Supply Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding (Binding)

Memorandum of Understanding (Non-binding)

Letter of Demand for Overdue account (first)

Letter of Demand for Overdue account (final)

Acknowledgement of Debt

Investment and fundraising
Website management

Website: Privacy Policy

Website: Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions of Use Policy)

Website design and development agreement


Contract of Employment (Permanent_Manager/Supervisor >BCEA)

Contract of Employment (Permanent_Manager/Supervisor

Contract of Employment (Permanent_Administrator)

Contract of Employment (Permanent_Flexi-hours)

Contract of Employment (Permanent_General Employee)

Contract of Employment (Fixed Term)

Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreement

Technology Assignment Agreement

Equity Incentive Plan

Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement (Short)

Consulting Agreement

Letter of termination

Service Level Agreement


POPI Compliance

Disciplinary Policy

Absenteeism Policy

Sexual Har. Policy

Alcohol and drug dependency policy

Incapacity Policy

Grievance Policy

COVID-19 Policy

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